"The Journey of Miles begins with a single step"
- Lao Tzu

Mind, Body and Spirit

Body Alliance is focused on training not only your physical body, but also strengthening your mind, your emotional state and raising your energy levels.  We believe that not only do you need to look after your body, you also need to engage and promote a healthy mental, emotional and energetic state.

Family and social bonds can determine your emotional and mental state.  For this reason, as well as all the physical benefits, we offer Family Fitness sessions.  The aim of the game is family bonding and physical fitness at the same time!! 

Experience the beauty of Tai Chi and Qi Gong underneath the trees.  Feel the internal flow of your body with Tai chi and Qi Gong .  Focus on the and grace of this amazing technique.  Feel the relaxation and opening of your body while you work your muscles, tendons and ligaments in your body.

Work with the traditional art of Jow Gar Kung Fu.  Experience the benefits of Kung Fu as your internal energy is opened through the stances and postures common in this age old art.  Unlike Tai chi, you will get your heart and body physically working hard.  Learn the traditional forms and feel the physical and mental benefits from this fantastic art.

Experience the feeling of flight with Antigravity Yoga.  A combination of Yoga, Acrobatics, Pilates, and Dance.  Allow your spine to decompress and your body to open up.  Open up your body and open up your mind and heart.  Experience the beauty and flow of this incredible art using the famous Harrison Hammock (used in Cirque Du Soleil) with exercises and postures developed by Christopher Harrison.

Or if you want something else, enjoy a good stress relief whilst hitting pads with Boxing fitness, and upper body and lower body strikes with Kickboxing fitness.  In both these classes, techniques from these arts are used to get the heart going and the body moving!! Or balance your mind and body with Stretching, Mobility work and Meditations.

Get the heart and muscles pumping with Kettlebell training, specific core based training, strength based training, cardiovascular based training or sports specific training.

One-on-one, group and semi private can also be arranged.  See Personal Training.  Corporate services are also available - please contact us.

                                                                        Body Alliance is a registered
                                                                          Fitness Australia Business
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